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Edmonds, WA

You think your chimney smells like smoke even when there’s no fire lit? Or, there’s a certain foul smell coming from your fireplace? If your chimney/furnace issues are painted with such odd colors, it could mean that your chimney (most especially) is lined with creosote—which is bad news.

What Do We Do

Chimney Sweep

Express Chimney Sweep Inc provides a complete range of cleaning services meant to leave your fireplace, chimney or flue systems in better. Keeping these no-go corners free of dirt and debris is important to keeping yourself, your family, your assets and your entire home away from fires. We agree that getting to this kind of cleaning isn’t a lot of fun. That’s why we want to step in. At our company, we have WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer)-trained technicians can perform necessary, potentially lifesaving service. We are a known provider of professional chimney cleaning services and solutions in Edmonds and most of the parts of Snohomish County in Washington.

Chimney Inspection

Chimneys and the fireplaces that smoke them are meant to be inspected on a regular basis, and maintained accordingly. After all, smokers are liable to die young. Having one of our technicians to come have a look under every once in a while greatly lowers the risk of a critical chimney fire or fireplace accident. As a matter of fact, none of the places we’ve inspected since inception have had any fire breakout or foul smoke bombing. Besides, having invisible stuff like fumes, carbon monoxide or even airborne ash can affect the functionality and lifespan of your respiratory organs. Mostly, it’s the lungs on the chopping block. To stop inhaling air that’s bad for you, have us inspect that chimney and fireplace in your living space today.

Chimney Repair

Maybe your chimney and fireplace has gone past unkempt. Or maybe you do not want things to get to such levels. What do you do? Get some repairs done at least once every year. Because they aren’t built to last forever, chimneys will always need some masonry work, structural adjustments and systematic repairs—however complex it now sounds. Likewise, fireplaces will eventually need to be refurbished. But the decision to amend places that need amending is a pure way to keep them in good health. In addition to our sweeping and cleaning services, we can also help you to replace or repair parts of the fireplace in order to make them more energy-efficient. Plus, it lowers the heat loss, reducing your energy bills.

Chimney Construction

Fireplaces are common in today homes, but chimneys are turning into a kind of homebuilding relic. They were most common for houses built before the 1900, while fireplaces became a lot more popular in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. For reasons best known to us experts, though, chimneys are finding their way into present day living spaces. So, if you need a professional contractor to fix you one, we will be obliged to help. Even if your chimney is too retro for the new look you’ve smacked on your property, we can help you construct a better-looking, more to-style version of the smoky hollow.

Why Choose Us?

Now that you know that an in-bad-shape chimney or fireplace is both a physical nightmare and disaster waiting to happen, it is important for you to work with not just any, but a cleaning service provider that checks all the boxes. Well, that’s us.

Hygiene first!

Because we are aware crawling or climbing on or through your chimney isn’t exactly the tidiest job around the house, we take hygiene to the next level. Just because we clean a burning wreck pile of creosote doesn’t mean we’ll repaint your furniture or walls with a color that’s not even thorough black.

Right approach

Maintaining hygiene while working is a right approach, but that’s not the entire story. Express Chimney Sweep Inc will go above and beyond to keep your home safe from harm and clean of debris. Our team uses a combo of drop cloths and high-powered HEPA-approved vacuum bags for the sweeps and eco-mesh. For masonry, they also got tarps and dust catchers.

Valuing your time

Funny as it may sound, you cannot trust a company with your time, you will not be able to trust them with anything at all. It is a truth; because doing business isn’t something that should last forever. That is why we do not inconvenience you and your family for a whole day just because we are cleaning santa passages and parlor heat suppliers.

Quick & easy

Our company has the shortest appointment window in the competition, plus we make it a top priority to arrive on site early enough to deliver superbly. In unavoidable cases where we are delayed, we make sure to give sufficient and timely notice. But, we’d still show up. For all we know, we can be saving lives.

About Us

We at Express Chimney Sweep strive to ensure that our customers are safe, satisfied and living in a healthy environment. We provide excellent customer services, best-in-class craftsmanship and the one of the best product lines there are in the market.


The team recognizes that working hard is essential to providing peace of mind for our homeowner clients. We make sure that their homes are treated with the same keen attention to detail that we would use when it comes to taking care of our own homes.


Our technicians and comms personnel respect you, because they all understand you need someone dependable to attend to the needs of your chimney and fireplace. We reckon that you will be happy with our work because exceeding expectations on every job is pretty much our style. Whenever you need us, we’d come swiftly—but not through the chimney like Santa.

Contact Us

Do you have more questions you want to ask us? No matter how many or bizarre they are, our in-house team remains willing to clarify so we can work together better. To talk to Express Chimney Sweep Inc about your chimney and fireplace, call (206) 333-8591 or leave an email at [email protected].